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Once a week, Adam goes LIVE with either a meditation, breathing session, life visioning or affirmative prayer...followed by conscious conversation.

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New To Meditation?

Check out 3-Minute Meditations. It's the perfect way to jumpstart a meditation practice. It uses super brief, GUIDED meditations to help practitioners experience peace of mind, relieve stress and anxiety naturally and establish a consistent meditation practice. They're  simple, short and doable for everyone. 

Adam Brewer created this for those who think they don't have enough time to mediate, feel it's too complicated or don't know where to begin.


Learn A Self-Guided Meditation Practice

Beyond guided meditation is silent, self-guided meditation. For many the idea of this is daunting, but it doesn't have to be. There are time-tested, simple, yet profound techniques you can utilize that make developing your own meditation practice not only doable but enjoyable.
In this 4-week online video course, we will dive deep into theory and practice of Adam’s “Meditate With Ease” Formula which utilizes a Mantra Meditation style. The end goal for this MWE is to provide you with an easy formula for silent, seated, self-guided meditation, that will have you sitting daily for 20+ minutes of meditation with ease and enjoyment.

6-Week Group Coaching Course: 'Father Fuel'

Learn how to relieve stress and anxiety naturally, strengthen mental and physical health and cultivate BROTHERHOOD in 60 days or less with Adam's signature Breathe With Ease and Meditate With Ease formulas.

It's time to truly come alive and thrive as a father, so that you can be bold, brave and courageous enough to lead with love and practice integrated mindful fathering.

Next 6-Week Course Begins... Monday Sept 13, 2021