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What follows is THE breathing practice I used to bounce back from "losing my mind" (when I found out I was going to unexpectedly be a first time father at the age of 47) and finally find my True North.

I’ve created for you, a video series introducing you to one of the most therapeutic, calming breathing rituals you can practice. It's called Alternate Nostril Breathing.

In the 4 part video series that follows,  you get an introduction and explanation of what it’s all about, a demonstration video showing you the how tos, a video showing you a modification of ANB which acts as a natural shot of energy and a video showing you a trick to use ANB to help you sleep better. Enjoy! Adam

ANB Intro & Explanation of Benefits

In component 1, Adam Brewer introduces you to the ancient breathing technique of Alternate Nostril Breathing, which has been practiced by yogis for thousands of years as a pre-meditation “exercise” to profoundly calm the mind. He gives an in-depth explanation of how and why it works and the numerous benefits you will derive from regular, consistent practice.


ANB Technique

In component 2, Adam Brewer will lead you through a thorough demonstration of the proper technique for ANB. This videos takes “done-for-you” to a whole new level.


ANB Xpresso

Say goodbye to your mid-day espresso/coffee! In component 3, Adam Brewer demonstrate and explain a modified version of ANB which will serve to provide you with energy and vitality in as little as 60 seconds! This is the fastest way to naturally supply the body and mind with natural, pure energy.


ANB Sleep Aid

Get ready to sleep like a baby! In component 4, Adam Brewer will demonstrate and explain a modified version of ANB which will serve as a natural sleep aid. For those of you who struggle to fall asleep when you climb in bed at the end of a long day, this is the video you don’t want to miss.


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