GOD Beyond Religion

God, Evolution, Self-Realization, Science, New Thought/Ageless Wisdom & Integral Consciousness

This is the story of one man's journey toward discovering his own Divine Nature. It's mine, Adam Brewer.

And this Divine Nature is within each and everyone of us.

What you're about to read has been 50 years in the making. And I had to experience Hell on Earth to come to these conclusions. More on this to come.

But for now, I'm here to tell you, in my humble opinion, it's time to get a NEW GOD...one that IS beyond the confines of religiosity. It's time to stop giving away your power to someone or something outside of yourself.

And I'm here to tell you it's not your fault that you have. For the majority of us, we've been duped from day 1. Whether it was our parents, school, religion, friends or the media...they've all had a role to play in it.

But thankfully with the gift of evolution and the outpicturing of reflective consciousness, you get to think about what you think about. You take back your mind, you take back your power. Everything you've been looking for "out there" is actually right inside you. No one's going to come to "save you".

So let's dive into the Evolution of Adam...

We Don't Know Shit

Our current world population is about 7.8 billion.

And that’s 7.8 billion unique individuals, with individual life experiences.

And if one understands that an individual's “worldview” is made up of experiences, environment, culture, beliefs, and opinions which are created and downloaded throughout an individuals life up to this point..

then one could surmise that there are probably 7.8 billion “unique worldviews”.

And add to the mix the fact that within the human race, there are many levels of consciousness in existence...

running the gamut from complete “victimhood” to fully integrated “unitive” consciousness.

So how is my worldview any more “right” than yours? It’s not.

Nor is yours any more “right” than mine.

Add to this, at best in any given moment, we only have about 1/10 of the information as to what actually lead to any given action.

Heck, to take it a step further, it’s understood that when the known Cosmos was birthed, only 10% of the energy created was made recognizable to the senses.

Mind-blowing if you ask me.

I guess what I’m getting at is...

when it comes down to it, we don’t know sh$t.

From this perspective, one would be wise to be stop being so quick to bash and judge others...

thinking “I know better”.

Because in reality, all you know is what’s better for you and your worldview.

As we move forward from this day, may we all exercise more compassion, empathy, kindness, and consideration.

And while we’re at it, wherever we stand, how about we all take more of these actions...

* Celebrate

May we all keep consciously learning, growing, evolving and becoming more of a beneficial presence on the planet.

3 Phases Of God

As my life has evolved, so has my experience with and interpretation of God.

Do I believe in God? You bet I do. But it’s a different God than the one I grew up with.

Let me explain...

I preface this by saying this has been my ride. It is in no way meant to say this is what you should believe or that this is truth for all.

It is simply my Truth.

So without further ado, here are my 3 Phases of God...

Phase 1: Religious God/Traditional (from birth to about 20 years old)

I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition.

God was a “man” in the sky looking down, judging whether I was good or bad.

I believed I was “born of original sin”.

I knew God as a punishing God based on whether you were doing good or evil.

Heaven and Hell were physical places “out there” somewhere you go to whether you “followed the rules” or not.

I towed the line...

Living for perfection with lots of judgement of self and others, much shame and guilt and “exclusive” in thought, word and action.

Phase 2: Godless (from about 21 to 31 years of age)

Essentially I rebelled against the idea of God and religion. Hedonism was the order of the day.

I lived footloose and fancy free.

No real guidelines of what was right or wrong.

For a bit this was “liberating” but then it felt tremendously empty and soulless. I was adrift without any paddle or any North Star to guide me.

Phase 3: Spiritual God/Integral (from 32-ish to present day)

I knew I wanted “God” in my life but I also knew I needed to get a new God, so to speak, from what I had known.

The God I knew before was too small for the awesomeness and immensity of Life.

We as humans like to project our “humanness” into all things. And so it is with our interpretation of “God”...

...thinking it is a “man” in the sky with emotions deciding who the chosen ones are.

But come on now, really?

Why is it a MAN and why does HE get to decide that only a select number of people will get to “go to heaven”?

This makes zero sense.

This is a “man-made” tale, not “God-made” truth.

I now see God as organizing ENERGY. It’s the foundational vibration...

there is either coherence with this vibration or lack thereof.

It's a Presence which is in all things and yet all things are in It.

There is nowhere where this Presence is not.

To the degree that It is recognized it is received.

And I can confidently say, having literally lost my mind in this lifetime a few years back...

Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness...

not some physical destination outside ourselves.

In short, God is right here right now. It’s right where I am and right where you are and it’s ALL the spaces between.

Born Of Original Sin

Born of Original Sin.

Growing up within the Roman Catholic religion...

that’s how I used to think of myself.

Attendant to this belief, was the idea that God was someone “out there” somewhere...

a MAN in the sky...

sitting on a throne passing judgement.

And my job in this lifetime was to atone for my sins.

What a mind f$ck this is.

Setting you up to believe you are “less than” right out of the gates...

and never quite good enough.

That’s pretty heavy “stuff” to carry around.

Eventually, this stopped making any kind of sense to me.

I now believe and feel in my bones, that I was born of Original Blessing.

Gifted with this thing we call human life...

Inhabiting a body with 50 trillion unique living cells...

each one with its own consciousness.

And to that end, I/You/We have been blessed to have “reflective consciousness”...

that is, the ability to think about what we think about.

A MIRACLE in and of itself...

I’m talking about all of us here...

No one is left out.

You, Me and Dupree...

we’re all MIRACLES.

Essentially, I’ve come to believe that all that God is...

...is right where I am...

right where you are.

I am but a unique expression of It’s unlimited nature...

...a wave on the Ocean.

God is in all things, and all things are in God.

And the journey...

is all about letting go of the baggage...

that tells you otherwise.

In a nutshell, this life is a tale of unfoldment, not atonement.

And know that when I see YOU, I see something simply Divine!

7 Years In Tibet, In LA

I’ve come to believe that from the moment we’re born to the moment we die, we’re on a spiritual path of unfoldment.

Absolutely everything we experience is spiritual. And nothing we can do or say will take us off it.

But for me, I didn’t step onto an “intentional” conscious evolutionary path until 2003. Up until that point, I was living in a reactionary way to my life circumstances.

My ego was flying the plane for sure. But the stress that this brought with it got to be too much. So from 2003 until about 2010 I did a self-imposed quarantine of sorts.

I’ve often said this was my “7 Years In Tibet” in LA. During this time I worked, but outside of that, Everything I did was about turning within...exploring meditation, reflection, contemplation and anything that would bring about peace.

I didn’t have a TV, didn’t read the newspaper, rarely if ever went out with friends and actually renounced all forms of pleasure during this time. It was pretty much a monastic lifestyle without the monastery.

And throughout this time, there were certainly moments when I thought going to a mountain top and meditating all day would be all I needed. But then it happened.

In 2010, I had what I would refer to as a “Soul Cry”for joy. There was something deep within in me that yearned for connection, love and play.

I knew on a deep deep level that I was meant for more and my life/gifts/talents were meant to be shared with others in community. And so a new chapter began.

One thing I learned for sure from my “first quarantine” is that it’s very easy to be peaceful when you’re all alone. But as I see it now, one of the great gifts of this human incarnation is connection and interaction with other beings.

The great majority of us were meant to live in community. And the real spiritual work is to move out into the world and attempt to operate with equanimity and love amidst the crashing waves of life.

I’m still working on this. But I for one, am up for the challenge. Thanks for being on the journey with me!

I "Died" To Live

Twenty years ago, at the age of 30, on the surface it looked like I had it all together...

but the the reality of things was that “Adam” was only fit physically, not mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

I was walking around “posing” as someone who had it going on. But inside I was tremendously insecure, arrogant, selfish, lost, confused and very “rigid” in my approach to life.

I was living in blacks and whites, with little to no room for the grays. I had no sense of self, lacked any spiritual foundation and had the emotional maturity of most teens.

My identity was built on my physicality.

But as life would have it, in 2005 that was taken from me as I sustained a serious injury to my back that debilitated me for 6 months.

It was a “death” of those aspects of me that needed to fall by the wayside, so I could grow and evolve into more. Though at the time I couldn’t see that.

As it would happen, my healing path lead me to the “East”, as I found meditation, yoga and all things spiritual and esoteric. But my “small self” once again created an identity around that, and it was where I found my self worth.

Yet this “pseudo-enlightened” identity ended up manifesting as a “holier than though” kind of persona. It too needed to “Die”. And so it did.

In 2017 I had an “Existential Crisis” around having an unplanned child at 47 years old. It was not what “I had planned”.

So much so that I lost my marbles. I had a full-on psychotic break that landed me in the psych ward for 2 weeks.

It was here that I was stripped of beliefs that I am my mental, emotional or pseudo-spiritual self. I was HUMBLED beyond “belief”. Cracked open to the point that all I could do was surrender to something bigger than these limited notions of who I was and what had formed my sense of self.

At the end of the day I had to practice radical self-love...”warts and all” and radical self-forgiveness for absolutely everything. All that was left was a feeling/knowing that I am, you are, we are LOVE.

The “death and darkness” lead me to my destiny...being a conscious dad. Thank you LIFE for ALL of it!!!

The Event Simply Is

All of life is energy in motion.

Energy expresses as either waves or particles.

A wave is a higher vibration of energy.

And a particle is a more dense expression of energy.

And to us humans, we interpret expressions of energy as “events” in our lives.

And then we label them as either good or bad...

...based on our own belief systems, ideologies, philosophies, experiences, emotions etc.

But at the level of the quantum, the event simply “is”.

It is neutral.

But WE as humans give it meaning through our personal interpretation.

This is referred to as “collapsing the wave”.

To make sense of it, we need to put it in a “box” or container.

But remember, one human’s trash is another human’s treasure.

Who’s right?

Both and neither.

Each is right based on their personal story and truth but...

at the core, neither is because it’s simply a lense of perception...a “personal truth” not the “absolute Truth”...

...where there’s no personalization or emotion attached...

...there simply is an “is-ness” to the energy expressing.

First Sit Down, Then Rise Up

Consciousness precedes form.

Pure and simple.

Anything and everything you see in physical form was first a thought.

So if we hope to see change in our external world, we must first see change in our internal world...

at the level of our consciousness.

This is why I sit in meditation first thing in the morning...before all else.

There are many who begin with movement first, but not me.

I think of it this way...

First sit down, then rise up.

I begin by communing with Spirit and the is-ness of life.

I am still and I listen.

Some days it’s 3 minutes, others it’s 60.

And then I move into the day, grounded.

I rise up in consciousness, so that I’m “being and doing” from a space of possibility and pure potentiality.

I rise up and stand for what I believe in.

I rise up with my heart wide open.

I rise up and parent with presence.

I rise up and love more, serve more, give more.

I rise up and laugh more, play more, celebrate more.

I rise up and put dreams into action.

I rise up and connect more, collaborate more, and innovate more.

I rise up and become who I am meant to be in this lifetime.

And frankly most days, it’s not easy to do...both the sitting down and the rising up.

But I believe it’s what we’re here for...conscious evolution.

And so I sit, so that I may rise.

Spiritual Value System

Back of it all, I know I am a part of something very special.

It’s called BEING ALIVE as a human being on planet earth. This in and of itself is the real win.

And not a day goes by that I don’t take time to tap into my gratitude for this.

Add to this the fact that I’m deeply rooted in my Spiritual Value System.

1. God/Love/Divine Intelligence is all that there is
2. I am one with this Presence
3. I am living, moving and having my beingness in Divine Love

From this space I know in my heart that..

this is a Friendly Universe that is the outpicturing of the Mind Of God
-That never compromises itself
-That is always working on its own behalf
-Always seeking to express itself...
-it is progressive
-It wants to express fully and completely through me
-I am inseparable from the Divine flow of Life itself

This is my starting point each and every day I wake to begin another day.

Also, as a busy dad, I’ve learned to bite-size biohacks for optimal mental and physical health.

Doing them first thing in the morning allows me to move into the day actively calm and calmly active.

Turning Pain Into Purpose

As you read above, a foundational belief of mine is that this is a friendly Universe...

and that everything works together for the greater "good" of myself and all of life.

From this perspective, we can consciously choose to turn "pain" into purpose.

So even though in the moment, that which we are experiencing may not look like what we dreamed our life to be...

if we are patient and stay open and available, the hidden "blessing" will reveal itself to us over time.

What I know for sure is that no matter who we are or how far we've fallen...

there is always a chance for redemption.

But for it to occur, one must begin by creating space for radical self-forgiveness to settle into our heart...

and then from there, you must walk that talk.

That is, with your next breath, thought, word and action, move in alignment with a new vision for who you want to be.

Before you know it, Life will begin to work it's wonders to support you on your journey.

Caveat: be patient though, as it's not your timeline but rather Life's timeline for when support will appear.

Your job is to DAILY "water the soil" and create the right conditions for the support of Nature to kick in.

If you’re going through some “tough stuff” right now...

I feel you and know that you’re not alone.

Be sure to make time to nurture your soul with things like meditation, conscious breathing, affirmations and prayer.

Living In Awe

In the 50 years I've been on planet Earth, my life has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

There have been tremendous highs, seemingly catastrophic lows, and everything in between.

You could say I've been around the block once or twice.

In fact it feels like I've lived multiple lifetimes in just this one.

But when it's all said and done, I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night...

feeling grateful for all that was, is and will be.

Daily I find myself living in a state of AWE about this thing we call life and my place in it.

I choose to honor and celebrate both the light and the dark within myself and all others.

Too often these days, there is an attempt to focus only on the good,

but I have come to believe/know that "the seed" needs the darkness to grow and become all that it is meant to be.

Before it blooms into it's fullest, most glorious expression,

it must go through the necessary "events" that will develop/cultivate aspects of being that will allow it to flourish once it finds the light.

Over the years, some of my greatest "blessings" have come on the heals of some of my darkest hours.

It's taken many years and working through lots of layers of resistance, but I've learned to lean into the uncomfortable...

and feel that which is trying to express itself so that I can let go of parts of me that no longer serve me, those I love and all of humanity.

In our own unique and wonderfully individualized way, we're all unfolding to reveal our True Selves.

And as one of my teachers, @michaelbbeckwith says, 100% of spiritual growth is about about "letting" as opposed to "getting".

Rather than adding to that which we are, it's about "shedding skin"... layers of conditioning that have created an artificial personality that we now know as ME.

And through this pealing away of the masks we've worn...

we uncover our essence, which is of Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Light, Calmness, Peace, Wholeness, Completeness, Harmony, Divine Right Order and Action, Creative Genius, and Pure Potential.

In short, I am and you are a multi-dimensional, miraculous being.

And I want you to know, I see you.

Big Love,

It's All God

Call it God, Universal Intelligence, SuperConsciousness, Spirit or the Presence but it's all there is.