A Life-Changing 8-Week 'Course In Calm' For Dads

Next Session Begins: Tues Oct. 5, 2021


ATTENTION 'STRESSED-OUT' DADS: learn how to use an empowering (and brief) morning routine to RELIEVE STRESS & ANXIETY, KEEP YOUR COOL and FIND TRUE NORTH in 60 days or less

I've got some IMPORTANT questions for you...

Q1: Do you find yourself regularly losing your TEMPER with your child and/or partner?
Q2: When your buttons are pushed, do you yell and scream at your kids?
Q3: Do you find it hard to be fully present with your child?
Q4: Is stress keeping your up at night?
Q5: Do you wake up still feeling tired, fatigued, uninspired and bit anxious?
Q6: Have you been on the verge of burnout as a father?
Q7: Are you experiencing a loss of "sense of self"?
Q8: What's the STRESS costing you?
Is it robbing you of...
  • joy/presence when you're with your kids...
  • creativity/productivity at work...
  • connection/intimacy with your partner/spouse...
  • restful sleep at night
  • and/or feeling passion and purpose in your life?

Are you at a point where you want any or all of the above to change and are WILLING TO DO THE WORK to make it happen?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then read on...

Being a DAD is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB you will ever have! Period, end of story.

Being a DAD is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB you will ever have. Period, end of story.

But sometimes the stressors that come with the territory blur this reality.

So I'm here to help you re-connect with this TRUTH, re-connect with YOURSELF and get you on the road to becoming not just a good Dad, but the COOLEST, CALMEST DAD EVER!

The #FatherFuel EXCLUSIVE Group Coaching Program is packed with 6 Tools for Conscious Evolution that when utilized, will have you parenting with VITALITY, EQUANIMITY and CONNECTIVITY.

I want you to know that I literally went to Hell and back to bring this course to you (more on this below). It's the culmination of years of study and thousands of hours of practice.

You're going to be asked to work...this takes a serious commitment to grow and evolve. If you're going to go into this half-hearted, this is not the coaching program for you. I'm only intersted in working with Dads who are all-in.

#FatherFuel is my complete, 8-Week, 8-module system designed to create a total life transformation in the areas of mind, body and soul, so that you can wake up to the fact that you were destined to be a Dad...and it's time for you to do it whole-heartedly, and practice empowered & impactful fathering.

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Tues Sept 28th from 5:30-6:30 pm PST

Meet Adam, learn the about the WHY for this course and the art and science behind it, as well as get an overview of how the course works. There is NO COST to attend the intro talk and no obligation to take the course which begins a week later.

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If I Can Do It, So Can YOU!


I'm here to help you become a Father who is mindfully evolving as a parent and person.

But before I go into how we're going to do that, I want to introduce myself...

My name is Adam Brewer. I've spent the better part of the last 20 years diving into the best in Personal Development, Self Help, Conscious Evolution and Spirituality (Learn more about me HERE).

I've run the experiments on my own life and have found an integrated morning routine which serves to awaken you to your Authentic Self and empowers you with tools to relieve stress and anxiety, keep you cool and ultimately find True North.

Because let's face it, Fatherhood is  going to "push your buttons" like never before. There are going to be times when it feels like you've taken a swift kick to the nuts. It brings with it stressors beyond compare (whether they're financial, physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual) and may at times, leave you feeling like the walls are caving in and you can't tell up from down.

That's why I've created Mindful Mornings For Dads which uses my #BCALMM Method. It combines Breathwork, Cold Immersion, Affirmative Prayer, Life-Visioning, Meditation and Mindful Movement. And it will SHIFT you...

  • From being on-edge to at-ease
  • From confusion to clarity

  • From authoritative to cocreative

  • From stressed to serene 

  • From scared to secure

  • From multi-tasking to single-tasking

  • From fear to fierce focus

It works if you work it. And these 6 tools will serve you and your love ones for the rest of your life. I'd love to share them with you.

But before I go further, I want you to know that my road to becoming a self-proclaimed kick-ass Dad was a rocky one.

There are some men who know they want to be dads. Some might even feel they were born to be fathers. Not me. Every fiber of my being told me I had no real interest in it.

For my entire adult life, I had absolutely no real interest in having a child of my own. In fact, the thought of it, made me cringe. Whenever I heard a child cry, it was like nails on a chalk board to me. I remember thinking, I can’t quite understand why anyone would choose that as a life path. My mindset was that as soon have a child, your own life is over as you know it.

But then it happened. In my 47th year on the planet, I found out I was going to be a Dad. And frankly my first thought was “Holy sh$t, this can’t be happening!”...
I was riddled with high anxiety and I fell into deep depression. This lead to 2.5 months of total insomnia which in turn lead to a full-on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual MELTDOWN. To bring me back from the "dead", 4 psychotropic meds were necessary.

You can read all about it in my blogs...The Making Of A Conscious Dad, My Existential Crisis & The Meltdown and The Recovery

I can tell you this; the darkness was necessary and essential for me to find the Light that exists within all of us and to experience the totality of the gift of living as a human "being". So many blessings have come from my descent into the dark. Not the least of which is that I know I have found my calling...helping other Dads to Consciously Evolve into the most present, loving Dad they can possibly be.

The real "crazy" part about my story is this; that which I was resisting the most was that which I was meant to do and be on this planet. I can say to you without a shadow of a doubt in my body, mind and soul, that I was destined to be a Dad. And not just any dad, but a Conscious Dad. A dad who is peaceful, passionate, patient, present and playful.

As I came out of "the HELL" I was in, I was determined to slowly ween off these meds and live a medication free life. So I put into action all 6 of the practices I am going to share with you in this course, and I can proudly say that today I am 100% medication free, feeling more alive than ever before, being most authentically me and living an enormously gratifying & fulfilling life as a Father to my son Skye.

Do I fall short from time to time? You bet I do. In fact, alot. And you're gonna hear about it. Because my intention is to be as transparent, honest, real and raw with you. For far to long, I kept so much of who I actually was just out of frame so I could appear strong, stable and "flawless". It's my belief far too many men do this, and it's a recipe for disaster. It's time for men, in particular Dads, to be the way-showers for our children, as to what it means to be emotionally intelligent enough to be strong yet soft, firm yet gentle, driven yet flexible, stable yet vulnerable, confident yet humble. In short, my goal is to create a new frequency for fatherhood.

I hope you'll join me in this pursuit. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Please know that I will forever stay a "STUDENT" of life and conscious evolution. As I learn new stuff, you will too. I most certainly do NOT consider myself a "Parenting Expert". But I am someone who has been around the block thousands of times in my 51 years on the planet and have learned a lot that I'd love to share with you. Over the years I've had the good fortune of learning from some Master Teachers...the likes of Michael Bernard Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Wim Hof, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Goswami Kriyananda. 

In essence, #FatherFuel is the BEST of the BEST. Everything that I am going to share with you is a synthesis of the technologies taught by these Masters, combined with my own insights and experiences over thousands and thousands of hours of practice. In short, these were the tools that "brought me back from the dead" and provided the framework for me to step into all that I was meant to do and be on this planet.

Now let's get to the good stuff...how you're going to grow using my #FatherFuel Coaching Program!

The Solution

Mindful Mornings For Dads... Your time to #BCALMM

In a world that seems upside down right now, stress levels through the roof, and all the responsibilities we feel as fathers, how do we show up for our kids day after day with presence?

Thousands of fathers are waking up to the mental and physical health benefits of having a rock-solid, simple morning routine.

I call it taking your #FatherFuel everyday...using the BCALMM Method. Think of it as soulful self-care for Dads.

It’s uninterrupted "you-time" first thing when you wake up.

Yet it can be challenging to start (and stick with) a morning routine that ignites your day.

This is where I come in

There are specific practices and principles I personally use and have coached others to do, which serve to take back your mind, open your heart and nurture your soul.

I'm going to share these 6 different holistic health hacks with you, and teach you how to "mico-dose" them into bite-sized, doable actions that you can do on even the busiest of days.

If you're excited about the life-enhancing potential of establishing a powerful yet practical, life-changing morning routine...

Yet are having a hard time making it work...

Then you're in the right place.

When you incorporate this into your day, you'll sleep better, feel better and parent better.

Struggling To Manage Stress Naturally?

Been there. But in this course you'll be given a number of holistic transformational tools to put in your self-care toolbox which will boost immunity, elevate mood, increase energy & improve sleep!

Feel Like It's Selfish To Put You First?

Think again. It's actually ESSENTIAL you put your "oxygen mask" on first as a father. When your cup is full, you can give more of you to your kid(s), significant other, friends, career. Everybody wins when you're first.

Feel Like You Have No Time For You?

No problem. I've got you covered. I'll show you how to use my #MicroDosingMethod and #AnchornanApproach to get your routine done in as little as 15 minutes/morning.

The Top 9 Benefits YOU WILL EXPERIENCE From Using #FATHERFUEL in the morning...

  • Relieve Stress
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Digestion
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Clear and Calm Mind
  • Open Heart
  • Safe, Natural Self-Care Tools


What You'll Get In #FatherFuel GCP

Prepare for 8 weeks that will change your life for the better, forever! In the #FatherFuel Group Coaching Program, over the course of 8 weeks (Beginning Tuesday Oct 5, 2021), once a week we will get together LIVE on Zoom for a 60 Minute Coaching Session. In this coaching session, you will receive a powerful tool to "shapeshift" your life. In addition, every other Sunday we will do have a 60-Minute 'Sacred Circle' Gathering.

These are the exact Holistic Health Tecnnologies I used to go from Zero to Hero as it relates to being a Dad. The modules have intentionally been set up in a specific order to best optimize your experience and to let you progressively and thoughtfully apply that specific tool to your life during that given week.

All sessions will be RECORDED (Tuesdays only) and you will have LIFETIME access to them.

Each Module will build on the one prior to it, with the end goal being to fully integrate at least 2-3 of the tools (if not all of them) into your daily #FatherFuel  lifestyle. In short, you're going to be given "many legs to stand on" as navigate through the turbulent waters of life and do this dance called Fatherhood.



TOOL: Breathwork  You will learn about and practice three 5-minute breathing practices that will help to ground you or balance out your nervous system. i.e. if you're anxious, stressed, they'll calm you and if you're feeling lethargic and drained, they will pick you up.


Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


TOOL: Breathwork  You will learn about and practice 3 different 5-minute breathing practices that will help to ground you or balance out your nervous system. i.e. if you're anxious, stressed, they'll calm you and if you're feeling lethargic and drained, they will pick you up.


Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


TOOL: Mindful Movement  We are meant to move as  a species. In module 2 you'll learn about my #SportFlow which is s fusion of Sport Functionality training and Hatha Yoga. Within this practice you will be getting both Yin movement (gentle/nurturing) and Yang movement (higher intensity/challenging). In short, balance.

Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing


TOOL: Cold-Immersion  Cold immersion has many benefits. One of these is that it enables one to train the mind and body to remain calm amidst intense temporary mental and physical turbulence in life. As a father, this can be tremendously valuable to you. Plus you'll get boosted immunity, boosted mood, boosted vascular mobility, boosted stress tolerance, and much more. 

Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


TOOL: Meditation  You will learn about and practice step 1 in Adam's Meditate With Ease formula, relaxation of the body and mind. This is an 'active/doing' stage and is the first part of the 'Getting There' phase of meditation. You'll be asked to practice 5-minutes a day for a week.

Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


TOOL: Affirmative Prayer  Affirmations are all about training the mind and heart to create the proper conditions for that which is being acknowledged, to take roots in a fertile soil of gratitude. This technology can be applied to any and all religious or spiritual idealogies...in other words, believe what you believe, I'm just going to show a tremendous system for saying Thank You to life in the most powerful and effective way possible.

Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


TOOL: Life-Visioning  Most people today are familiar with Visualization...where you get clear on what YOU want to create and have manifest in your life. Visioning takes that to the next level. You will learn about the 4 levels of consciousness and practice the 6 steps of the Life Visioning process. In short we will learn the art of listening to our intuition.

Daily and weekly "growthwork" will be given to reinforce all that you are learning and practicing.


Week 8 is all about learning to letting go of the BS that is holding you back from becoming the best version of you as a Father. And by BS, I'm referring to the Belief Systems that you are currently holding onto that no longer serve you or your higher good.

In addition, in this final week, we'll bring it all together and you'll create your own ideal Mindful Morning that fits into your world. And it's from here that you'll boldly walk into a brave new world.


Private Facebook Group

You will have access to our Private Community on Facebook where you can connect with other Fathers who are doing the work to become the best versions of themselves as a parent. You'll able to ask questions, share wins/challenges, and simply find fellowship.


Bi-Weekly LIVE 'Sacred Circles'

Every other Sunday throughout the Course, I hold LIVE 'Sacred Circles' where we come together in brotherhood and HOLD SPACE for each other to speak what's on our hearts related to life and fatherhood. Everything that is shared here is 100% confidential. No teaching or feedback is given from myself or anyone participating.

ARE YOU READY to stop talking about it and start making it happen?

Whether you are just getting started as a NEW DAD or HAVE BEEN in the "DAD GAME" for many years, the 8-Module #FatherFuel Course is a powerful program structured to help DADS who want more purpose, patience, peace, playfulness, presence, love, adaptability, & productivity as a parent & person and are ready to up-level their lives!

Here's a recap of what you'll receive in the #FATHERFUEL Group Coaching Program


1. Breathwork Part 1

2. Breathwork Part 2

3. Cold-Immersion

4. Affirmations/Affirmative Prayer

5. Life-Visioning

6. Mindful Movement

7. Meditation

8. Mindful Morning Routine


*(8) LIVE 60-Minute Intensive Sessions hosted on Zoom (RECORDED)

*(4) LIVE 60-Minute 'Sacred Circle' Sessions hosted on Zoom

*24 HOUR Email Consultation

*ACCESS to FREE Private Facebook COMMUNITY



*FREE Access to 3-Minute Meditations Program

*FREE Access to Meditate With Ease course

*100% commitment from ME to give you my all to help your transform throughout the 8 weeks and beyond.

Program Investment

I wanted to build a course that was accessible to DADS in any stage of their journey. I whole-heartedly believe in the power of this program & YOU, and I would love to support your success the best way I know how. You'll find the pricing options below...


BASIC PAYMENT PLAN: 3-Monthly Payments

of $197

  • Full 8-Week Course
  • The Community (Private Facebook Group)
  • The Accountability...
  • 8 LIVE (60 Minute) Group ZOOM Calls ($2400 Value)
  • 4 (60 Minute) Virtual 'Sacred Circles' ($800 Value)



  • Full 8-Week Course
  • The Community (Private Facebook Group)
  • The Accountability...
  • 8 LIVE (60 Minute) Group ZOOM Calls ($2400 Value)
  • 4 (60 Minute) Virtual 'Sacred Circles' ($800 Value)
  • Full Meditate With Ease Course ($197 Value)
  • Full 3-Minute Meditations Package ($139 Value)

VIP: 1 on 1 Coaching



You get everything listed in the #SPECIALOFFER to the left, plus 2 (60 minute) 1-on-1 virtual PRIVATE SESSIONS. That is, we get on a ZOOM call and deep dive into areas that need the most attention from you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. It's a secular practice and based in science as much as anything else. 

Not even remotely. But they work if you work them. I can confidently say that with consistent practice (I'm talking daily), it will give you what you're looking for...whether it's peace of mind, clarity of thought, less stress, more happiness, a desire to become more present with your child(ren), a desire to be more patient and loving with your partner, deeper connection with your Higher Power, and the list goes on and on. But you're going to have to apply yourself with sincerity (proceeding from genuine feelings) and earnestness (doing it even when you don't feel like doing it).

There are 8 Total Modules in the Father Fuel Course (Described Above).

Absolutely. I want you to feel CONFIDENT that this is the right fit for you. To that end, I'm happy to set up a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call so you can get all your questions answered. Email me at [email protected] with Subject: FF Discovery Call

If you are struggling financially right now and truly can't afford the pricing structures listed above, but are convinced you NEED this right now, reach out to me ([email protected]) and we'll discuss some scholarship options for you.


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