Conscious Dads CREW

An Evolutionary Transformation Toolbox For Dads


Become The Most Loving, Connected & Present Dad Possible!

Become a Conscious Dads "CREW" Member today, and get immediate access to what I call #FatherFuel...the best holistic health hacks any dad can fit into an already busy life.

We're talking meditation, conscious breathing, mindful movement, life-visioning, affirmation, conscious conversations, community and more.

These "hacks" serve to fortify your mental & physical well-being, open your heart, and empower you to flourish as a DAD.

This is your Solution For Conscious Evolution As A Father

Join The CREW And Become Part Of An Evolution & Revolution In Fatherhood

It's time to Level-Up your mental and physical health as a dad. Your Kid(s) & the World needs you to come alive and thrive as a father.

And that's what the CREW is all about...helping you become the best version of you where your mind is clear & calm, your body is strong & vital and your soul is on fire with love & connection.

In the CREW, daily we are in pursuit of excellence and living as a Conscious Dad; recognizing the miraculous Nature of Life and the GIFT that it is to be a father.

In doing so, you will be  strong, bold and courageous enough to exemplify love, tenderness, humility, playfulness, stability, even-mindedness, patience, passion & adaptability.

And from this perspective, the Conscious Dads CREW is an evolution & a revolution in fatherhood.

Are you ready to wake up, step up and show up?

Let's do this!


In This Online Transformation Toolbox for Conscious Evolution, You'll Get Immediate Access To Life-Changing Video/Audio Content For DADS From A DAD, designed to be fuel for your mind, body & soul.


3 to10-Minute Mindful Meditation practices to give you Soul Fuel, equanimity & vitality so that you come alive & thrive as a Dad.

Sessions will fall into 3 categories: Mantra, Mindfulness & Visioning.


5-Minute Mindful Breathing practices to "tone" your nervous system so that you can Parent actively calm and calmly active.

Practices will fall into 3 categories: Energizing, Balancing & Relaxing.


4-20 Minute Mindful Movement practices to optimize your body so you can Father with greater ease & enthusiasm.

Workouts will fall into 3 different categories: Strength, Cardio & Yoga.


FREE Bi-Monthly CREW "Conscious Conversations" on Zoom.

2x/month we will commune online through Zoom to connect about all things related to Fatherhood. This will be our virtual CREW "coffee shop" where you get to come as you are to gather and grow with fathers from all over the world.


All CREW MEMBERS Also Receive...

  1. FREE & Immediate Access to the 14-Day Conscious Breathing Challenge ($79 VALUE), 7-Day Energy Fix ($47 VALUE)
  2. Immediate Access to Additional Categories of Content: Mindful Musings on Life & Fatherhood, "As A Father" Affirmations, Extended Meditations, 50-Minute Home Workouts, Resources and More ($599 VALUE)
  3. 25% OFF Conscious Dads Retreats
  4. 25% OFF Conscious Dads Group Coaching & Courses
  5. Access to our PRIVATE COMMUNITY of like-minded Fathers

It's Time to Find Your CREW

Connect with like-minded fathers from all over the world who are bonding beyond beer, pizza and sports.

When it comes to fellowship for fathers, there's a new game in town.

It's the Conscious Dads CREW.

The CD CREW is for Fathers who are growth-centric and heart centered working to take back their mind, fortify their body, develop emotional resilience, open their heart & nurture their soul.

If this sounds like you, join us TODAY!


The "CREW" Is For You If:

  • You're looking to consciously evolve as a Dad and Human
  • You want to be more connected, loving and present with your kid(s)
  • You want to get in the best shape of your life...mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually
  • You're interested in treating fatherhood as a spiritual practice
  • You are or want to be "Growth-Centric"
  • You recognize that being a provider to your child means so much more than financially supporting them
  • You want to connect with other like-minded fathers who are on a path of growing, learning and becoming
  • You want to live in a state of FLOW more frequently
  • You recognize you're a work in progress
  • You recognize that being a DAD is perhaps the most important job you will ever have

Participant Benefits

  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance energy
  • Improve mental focus
  • Clear and calm mind
  • Open heart
  • Safe, natural self-care tools

Start Your FREE 14-Day Trial

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The first step to activating your 14-Day FREE Trial is to pick a plan from the 2 options below.  You're choosing which payment option you'd prefer to be on, if you decide to stay a CREW Member after the 14 days. You won't be charged anything up front. If you decide within the first 14 days the CREW isn't for you, simply Cancel your subscription.



*Less than $.50/day

  • 14-Day Conscious Breathing Challenge ($79 VALUE)
  • Access to 7-Day Energy Fix ($47 VALUE)
  • The Mindful Eating Makeover ebook ($19 Value)
  • Access to our PRIVATE COMMUNITY of like-minded Fathers
  • 25% OFF Conscious Dads Retreats
  • FREE Monthly CREW "Conscious Conversations" on Zoom.

Annual Membership


Billed Once Every 12 Months

  • 30% SAVINGS
  • Access to 3-Minute Meditations ($139 VALUE)
  • 14-Day Conscious Breathing Challenge ($79 VALUE)
  • Access to 7-Day Energy Fix ($47 VALUE)
  • The Mindful Eating Makeover ebook ($19 Value)
  • Access to our PRIVATE COMMUNITY of like-minded Fathers
  • 25% OFF Conscious Dads Retreats
  • FREE Monthly CREW "Conscious Conversations" on Zoom.

Meet Adam Brewer

CD CREW Creator

Hi, I'm Adam Brewer, an entrepreneur in the Health and Fitness Industry who wears the hats of Conscious Evolution Coach, Meditation Teacher, Breath coach, Yoga Instructor, Mind/Body Performance Specialist.

But most importantly, I'm a CONSCIOUS, Ever-Evolving DAD for my son Skye.

Professionally speaking I'm the Creator of Conscious Dads, Bootcamp Connect3-Minute Meditations and Meditate With Ease.

l've been in the Wellness space since 1990 and flat-out love what I do. 

I've spent the better part of the last 20 years diving into the best in Personal Development, Self Help, Conscious Evolution and Spirituality.

I've run the experiments on my own life and have found an holistic, integrated formula which serves to awaken you to your Authentic Self.

It works if you work it. I'd love to share it with you.