Courses: These COURSES are designed as step-by-step curriculum to assist you in learning about and easily implement the primary Tools For Transfomation utilized by Conscious Dads...Meditation, Breathwork, Cold-Immersion, Visioning, Affirmative Prayer, Mindful Movement and more.

The Transformation Toolbox For Dads

The Transformation Toolbox for Dads is my complete, 6-module system to creating a Total Life Transformation in the areas of mind, body and soul, so that you can wake up to the fact that you were destined to be a Dad...and it's time for you to do it whole-heartedly, and practice empowered & an impactful fathering.



Meditate With Ease

In this 4-week online course, we will dive deep into theory and practice of Adam Brewer's “Meditate With Ease” formula which utilizes an ancient Mantra Meditation technique that has been passed down from one teacher to the next over the course of thousands of years. The end goal for this MWE is to provide you with a simple, doable formula for seated, self-led meditation, that will have you sitting daily for 20+ minutes of meditation with ease and enjoyment. The course will be progressive in nature beginning in week 1 with shorter daily meditations and culminate in 20+ minute meditations by the end of week 4. Tons of practice exercises will be done during the live webinars and given as daily growth work.


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