Practicing Radical Forgiveness...Ho'Oponopono


"Lack of forgiveness is one of the greatest forms of self-imprisonment".

- Michael Bernard Beckwith

When I first heard my teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith say this at a retreat I was attending, I felt it reverberate through every fiber of my being.

There was something with in me that knew I had just heard the TRUTH.

Forgiving others can be hard, especially when to our mind, it feels unforgivable.

But when we feel we've been "wronged" by another, and we hold onto rancor/resentfulness, animosity, hatred, venom, "you owe me" thoughts and feelings...

it only serves to diminish our own light/vitality and essentially tells the "universe" we are "owed" something by another...and holds us hostage to a form of debt consciousness .

In this case, the only person we are hurting is ourselves. And ultimately, we give our "power" away to another person.

When we learn to Forgive, we set ourselves free and take back our own power. The energy which we were giving to these feelings, can now be used in...

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