Destiny Is Calling

dad destiny fatherhood love Feb 17, 2019

It’s in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped. I’m pretty sure Anthony Robbins said this. I’m a believer in these wise words. Fate is what happens if we simply move about our lives mindlessly. Yet, if before we “do”, we pause, take a breath and think, “how is what I’m about to choose to do or say going to affect not only my own happiness and peace of mind, but also those around me?”, we have the opportunity to shape our reality.

This morning I had that opportunity to choose. I was exhausted when the alarm went off at 4 am, so I fell back asleep and happened to wake up 30 minutes later. Now I knew this was going to affect my morning routine a bit. Based on everything I typically like to do, today I was only going to have 10 minutes to either sit in meditation or do the dishes, which were pretty piled up. My morning meditation is everything to me and often sets the tone for “my day”. So this should be a no...

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