A Birth Story: Dad's-Eye View

This is a birth story. It’s a dad’s-eye view of what it was like to experience the labor and delivery of your first child. I can tell you in advance that it has strengthened my belief that nature knew what it was doing when it set it up in a way that women would be the ones to birth babies. Why?

Because most men couldn’t handle it. Period. I don’t know about you, but if I get a cold, I milk it for all it’s worth. You would think the end of the world was near. I’m betting you might know a man or two or three like this.

So I’m going to make a big statement. In this man’s humble opinion, women are the stronger sex and it’s time we acknowledge this. It’s my hope that this story serves to support this view.

But I digress. Before we dive into the labor side of this story, I’d like to give you a little background context. Due to the events of last year, (read more about them in my blog “My Trip On A...

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My Trip On A Rocket Ship

Uncategorized May 30, 2018

What you’re about to read is by far the most vulnerable and raw piece I’ve ever written. Up until this point, I wasn’t ready to share because a lot of processing, distance, self- inquiry and introspection was necessary before I felt comfortable enough to open up. I shared some of this before but most of this is new.

My reason for writing this is that i hope if anyone else has ever gone through something similar, you’ll know you’re not alone. Secondarily, perhaps through my insights I can spare others from ever having to go through what I did.

Thirdly if you are someone who is caring for a loved one who is on a similar path, never give up on them…believe in the power to heal. And lastly, I want to let men know that it’s ok to share their vulnerabilities with others. I heard it said by someone much wiser than I that it’s your secrets that make you sick.

I preface this story with an aside. Most of my life I’ve been dealing with...

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Breakdown To Breakthrough

Welcome to my world!  My name is Adam Michael Brewer and at the age of 48, I’m a first-time father to an amazing 3 month old son named Skye.  It’s been a wild ride getting to this point and continues to be so. But I couldn’t be happier right now. Everyday is something new.

It’s here that I’ll share my stories about the trials & tribulations of becoming a first-time father. I grew up in Ohio but have lived in LA for 22 action-packed years now. So these days, I Live And Dad In LA. One thing’s for sure, I made lots of mistakes along the way but have learned so much from each experience. It’s my intention to share some of the wisdom I’ve gained as well as keep you up to date with the new adventures I’m having with Skye and my amazing partner @lizarch (Skye’s momma). Thanks for joining me!

For some, being a first-time father at 48 doesn’t sound like a big deal. There are those men out there that have...

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