You Inspire Me

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

Who inspires me? Who are true champions in my eyes? Those of you who have fallen or been knocked down in life, but choose to rise again. Those who choose to see the goodness in others rather than what’s wrong with them. Those who continue to work on themselves so that they consciously evolve. Those who practice kindness, compassion and empathy. Those who still say please and thank you. Those who still see the beauty of life even amidst the difficulties of the day.

Those who wake-up and say “how can I be of service to others and the planet today?” Those who are willing to acknowledge their “mis-takes” and then learn from them. Those who constantly look for ways to unite rather than divide. Those who look to build-up others rather than break them down. Those who start and end their days with gratitude for simply being alive.

This thing called human life is quite a ride for us all and my goodness, it can be ridiculously tough and harsh at times. Yet I will never stop believing that the nature of the universe is inherently elegant, ordered and always seeking a greater expression of the highest good for all. 🙏
Thanks for being YOU wherever you are. I see you and your exquisite essence 🙏🌎✨


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