Practicing Radical Forgiveness...Ho'Oponopono


"Lack of forgiveness is perhaps one of the greatest forms of self-imprisonment".

- Michael Bernard Beckwith

When I first heard my teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith say this at a retreat I was attending, I felt it reverberate through every fiber of my being.

There was something with in me that knew I had just heard the TRUTH.

Forgiving others can be hard, especially when to our mind, it feels unforgivable.

But when we feel we've been "wronged" by another, and we hold onto rancor/resentfulness, animosity, hatred, venom, "you owe me" thoughts and feelings...

it only serves to diminish our own light/vitality and essentially tells the "universe" we are "owed" something by another...and holds us hostage to a form of debt consciousness .

In this case, the only person we are hurting is ourselves. And ultimately, we give our "power" away to another person.

When we learn to Forgive, we set ourselves free and take back our own power. The energy which we were giving to these feelings, can now be...

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Boys Do Cry

Uncategorized May 29, 2021

 I’m getting softer as I age and I like it!

Just yesterday Skye and I returned home from playing at the park and he was hoping his Mama was home....but she wasn’t. This brought on a complete meltdown. As I held him he was wailing.

My first reaction was to try and talk it out and tell him his Mom would be home bueno. Next I tried to distract him by offering to play with his trucks, or ball or stuffies or make him his favorite food...this list goes on.

But he wasn’t having it...the tears and crying carried on.

But then it happened, I recognized that for most of my life, this was my try to “run from raw emotions or create distractions so as to not really feel deeply”.

All of a sudden, I felt a calm wash over me and I whispered in his ear that I was simply going to hold him close and we were going to feel all the feels together. I told him I’d hold the space for him to be sad and cry, to be angry, to be frustrated,...

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To Mask Or Not To Mask

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021

To mask or not to mask...

this is a controversial topic for many people.

This post is not about telling you whether I think you should or shouldn’t wear a mask.

People argue it on both sides.

But perhaps even more important is how you’re breathing whether it’s behind a mask or not.

In general, the nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating.

Nasal breathing acts as a humidifier and a filter for the air coming in...

and it’s in the nasal passages that Nitric Oxide is created.

Nitric Oxide is a compound that anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature...

thus very important for your immune system.

It isn’t created in the throat, so it won’t be released if you’re a mouth breather.

Also, if you regularly exhale through the mouth, you expel about 42% more water vapor...

thus increasing the chances of spreading out into the environment whatever is inside you.

Additionally nasal breathing with light, slow and deep breaths helps to...

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4 ego hindrances to meditation

I hope you had a spectacular weekend.

Twice a year I take the time to unplug from the "matrix"...the hustle and bustle of my life, and plug into silence, stillness and Spirit.
I do this by going on silent meditation retreats.
Quite simply, at this point, the experiences are truly beyond words.
But truth be known, as it often happens when I decide to do something like this, my ego rises up and does almost anything it can to get me not to commit to sit. Sometimes it comes as thoughts, sometimes it comes as emotions, sometimes it comes as sensations.
The first time I went on one of these retreats it came on physically. On the first morning of the retreat, as I was headed off to a yoga session, I tweaked something in my back, to the point where it really hurt. At that moment, I was saying to myself, "You can just drive back to LA and have your massage therapist work out the issue and no one would even no you're gone." I actually really was...
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Why Is Meditation Important For Dads?

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Why is meditation important for dads?

You get to practice the art of listening.

Most men/dads are hardwired to think they have to “fix everything”.

Especially when our children are emoting.

So we’re always quick to chime in with an opinion or answer to any “problem”...

and provide the “solution”.

I know I’m guilty of this.

But sometimes, if not most of the time, simply being a good listener is all that is necessary.

The trick is to then actually listen whole-heartedly and create a loving field of energy...

where our children (or partner/spouse) feels safe to share what they need to express/emote in the moment.

In doing so, we empower our kids to feel safe to share.

In mediation we get to practice this non-reactivity...

thoughts come up, sensations occur, emotions arise...

and we allow, observe and witness them without judgement or attachment.

In doing so, the intensity of any of these “energies” naturally softens...

which has...

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I Did It! I Did it!

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

A couple days ago, my 2.8 yr old son Skye was attempting to climb up a slide from the bottom up.

He’s done it before many times.

But on this particular day, the surface was incredibly slippery.

It made it extra tough to do.

He attempted probably 15 times or so without success.

As he slid back down, at the bottom, he dropped his head and said, “I can’t do it. It’s too hard”.

To which I responded, “It is hard. But that’s gonna make it that much sweeter when you do it”.

He took a couple breaths and then attempted it again, and again and again.

After about 10 more tries, he made it to the top.

He turned around and smiled as he exclaimed “ I did it! I did it!”

It almost brought tears to my eyes...

seeing and feeling his sense of accomplishment after working so hard, falling and getting back up to keep trying until he succeeded.

This was a super important moment for him and his journey as a growing child.

And I was there to witness...

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My Heart Grew 3 Sizes That Day

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020


My heart grew 3 sizes that day.

That was the day my son Skye was born.

It was a little over 2.5 yrs ago. And my love for you grows with each and every breath I take.

I bow to you and the exquisite nature of your being.

I see your “Light” and stand in awe of Life expressing as you.

I do the work on me, to drop the baggage from the past, so I can be fully present, loving and connected to you.

I take the best of what my father gave me and let go of that which no longer serves me or you.

I vow to keep growing, evolving and adapting as a father.

Thank you for choosing me, my son.

I love you, Daddy

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Do You Want To Know What Enlightenment Is?

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2020

We are vibrational beings.

Our bodies and minds react to other vibrations outside of ourselves.

Including music.

Depending on the frequencies, we can experience completely different brainwaves, emotions and physical sensations.

In other words, music/tones/sounds can either excite us, balance us or calm us.

Related to this, my morning drive to work is Sacred time for me.

I don’t turn the radio on to hear about the chaos of the world, or listen to morning “talk radio” that for the most part is fluff.

And it carries a vibration that affects us at a cellular level.

I first do affirmations and then use carefully curated playlists I’ve created on Spotify to set the tone for the day.

Right now, what’s in rotation is my “Chillmode” set. The songs there keep me cool, calm and collected as I start the day.

The frequency of these songs tend to shift brain waves from Beta to Alpha...from “Doing” to “Being”

Here are a handful from...

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Yoga, Meditation And Affirmations Are Dumb Morning Habits

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020

Yoga, meditation, affirmations and things of that nature are dumb morning habits.

They steal your productivity and kill relationships.


When I read these words the other day in an ad someone has up on Facebook, my jaw dropped.

Because it reminded me of the way many men still think on this planet.

It’s scary because it’s so antiquated, one-dimensional and steeped in generational b.s. which only knows how to “muscle” your way through life.

And look where that has gotten us.

Essentially it’s an “alpha male” mindset.

And it needs to go away.

This same ad paints a picture that the measure of a man or father, is based on the car he drives, having a "hot wife" and how much money he has in the bank.

Almost laughable.

I get it though, because I used to think that way too...about 20 years ago.

However, it's this type of thinking that's holding us back in terms of the evolution of our species.

SCIENTIFIC study after study confirms it’s...

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Practice RADICAL Self-Love

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

This photo may simply look like a father holding his son, but it represents so much more.

You see, for the majority of my adult life, I was tremendously insecure about the fact that I have a fair amount of body hair.

I’ve got a lot on my chest and legs, some on my shoulders and a little on my back.

I used to actually hate this about myself.

Even just a few years ago, I never would’ve posted a picture of myself with chest hair.

When I was in high school, I used to be teased about the amount of hair on my legs.

Now for some, they wouldn’t think twice about that. But it stuck with me.

And it seemed everywhere I turned, society supported this. In most ads, you see these hair-less men doing their thing.

I held this up as to what was considered sexy, handsome and strong.

And in my mind, I wasn’t that.

So I did everything I could to hide my hair. I went so far as to wax my chest and trim my leg and arm hair.

And if I didn’t have a chance to do these things,...

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