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The Conscious Dads BACKSTORY

Check out this video to learn how #ConsciousDads came to be and what it's all about. It all began with Adam Brewer's atypical path to Fatherhood...



We're a community of heart-centered, growth-centric fathers who are doing "the work" to become more of a beneficial presence to our children & the planet.

The Who

Conscious Dads is a movement devoted to raising the individual & collective frequency of fatherhood. Our mission is to empower fathers to consciously evolve and optimize mental & physical health through holistic health principles, community & sacred service.

The Way

Conscious Dads will provide you with Tools to TRANSFORM as a parent and person. We're talking about meditation, breathwork, life-visioning, movement, affirmative prayer & community. Whether you're a Dad-To-Be, New Dad, or a Seasoned Dad, we've got something for you.

The Why

Children and planet Earth are in desperate need of fathers who are peaceful, passionate, patient, present, and playful. We need dads who support their little one(s) in discovering their own unique gifts and talents, and to assist them in uncovering ways to share them with others.

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Re-Framing Fatherhood

It's time to usher in a new era for Dads. I dare you to be different as a Dad. Be bold, brave and courageous enough to lead with love and practice integrated, mindful masculinity. That is, you are strong, stable & grounded enough to be gentle, growth-centric, adaptable, compassionate, empathetic, forgiving, playful patient and fully present as a human and parent. From this space you have the opportunity to truly come alive & thrive as a #FatherOnFire.

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The CREW...

Beyond beer, pizza and sports, when it comes to fellowship for fathers, there's a new game in town  It's the Conscious Dads online MEMBERSHIP site to empower Fathers to consciously evolve & and strengthen their mental health and wellness through Meditation, Breathwork, Mindful Movement, Community & more.


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